Thursday 16 December 2004


Good riddance to the worst Home Secretary in history. With Labour's record, they may actually manage a worse one shortly. Tsk.

Anyway, so here's my theory about David Blunkett.

Being blind, he had an entirely understandable desire to keep track of things and people, mainly in order not to bump into them. He was then given absolute untramelled power over the people of Britain. Oops.

Some of you will, no doubt, object that I am being unfair to blind people here, but I'm really just being generous to Blunkett: either his behaviour was brought about by paranoia borne of his physical disability or he was just a cunt.


Gary said...

Blunkett's gone, but it seems that his policies are staying. Oh dear.

Reckon this has any bearing on his departure?

Gary said...

Boris Johnson has his own explanation:

Anonymous said...

What exactly is your problem with Blunkett?