Monday 13 December 2004

O, blissful gadget.

Being amazingly tall, I tend to get a bit of a bad back when driving, since cars aren't built for the likes of me. So I went into Halford's the other day to get a back support thingy for my car. There was a high density lumbar support for about 20 quid (apparently, high density is good when supporting backs. Apparently): it was just a little strap thing that went across the seat behind the small of your back. I was going to buy it, but then spotted, for only 15 quid, a thing which also claimed to have high denisty lumbar support, but which covered the entire seat and had exciting-looking padded bits for your shoulders and things, and had a built in electronic back massager which plugs into the car's cigarette lighter (or cigar lighter, as manufacturers insist on calling them, for some reason. I smoke neither, so what do I care? Come to think of it, when are they going to stop with the antediluvian terminology and start calling them "phone chargers", which — let's face it — is what they are? Anyway). It looked too good to be true: why would something so blatantly better be cheaper? Maybe, I reasoned, it was actually utter crap.

I bought it anyway.

It is not utter crap. It may well be the single greatest invention ever. I now drive around in an incredibly comfy chair with added exciting-cum-soothing buzzing going on around the small of my back and my shoulder blades. It is utter class. It may or may not be good for my back, but it feels so good, I couldn't care less.

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