Friday 3 December 2004

Ninety from the Nineties.

Everyone loves arguing about music. Everyone loves proving other people wrong. And everyone loves voting, at least about trivial things. Well, here's an opportunity to combine all three. Ronnie has just launched 90 from the 90s:

After reading umpteen 'Best Of...' lists in the past few weeks (and more to come, no doubt) we got fed up of arguing about how bad everyone's taste in music was and decided to do our own list. 90 from the 90s aims to produce the ultimate list of the greatest songs from the last decade.

Brought to you by 160676 and Talking Pish, we need you to email everyone you know and tell them about this site. In order to get a fair and full list, we need as many people as possible to tell us their favourite songs.

So, get on the old email and tell all your friends about 90 from the 90s.

We need you to give us your Top 10 Songs of the 1990s and send them to the email address at the top. Once we recieve all the lists (entries close on 24th December) we'll compile them all and get the 90 from the 90s list published as soon as we can.

And you can't say fairer than that.

As if anyone cares, here's my top ten:

  1. Lamb — Gorecki

  2. Alpha — Slim

  3. No-ManDays In The Trees

  4. Sunscreem — When

  5. Mansun — Negative

  6. U2 — Please

  7. Radiohead — Planet Telex

  8. Depeche Mode — It's No Good

  9. Bomb The Bass — Winter In July

  10. David Arnold & Propellerheads — On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Do pass the word on, and do remember, when sending in your entry, to make it exactly the same as mine.

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