Wednesday 2 March 2005


Well, hello. You found me.

This morning, my hosts took down both my domains with absolutely no warning or any indication why. Depending on how they respond in the next little while, I will decide whether or not to say who they are.

In the meantime, here I am on Blogger's own hosting. This seems to have caused a weird formatting problem or two. Please ignore that. It also means there are no archives — they're all on, which doesn't exist — so don't bother clicking the archive links. Oh, and please don't email me at, either. I'll stick another email address in the sidebar in a few minutes.

Thanks to everyone who's published this temporary address for me.

Any recommendations of good web hosts will be gratefully received.



The archives are back, if you want to read them. They're also back if you couldn't care less. They're just plain back.

Still no response from my hosts.

Having lost all the background graphics that this site was using, I have to say, I rather like the look of it. Might just have to stick with this design.

Oh, and kudos to Blogger, I have to say. They are often criticised for being crap for various reasons, but I can't fault this software today. My domain has been totally scuppered, and all I have to do is change the hosting setting on Blogger and republish the blog, and that's the whole lot back. Not bad at all.

I shall now stop blogging about blogging. To be fair, I did have a good excuse this time. Nonetheless, stop I shall.

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