Wednesday 2 March 2005

Sod's law.

He was a wise man, that Mr Sod.

Disastrous web collapses like this one under which I am currently pissed off don't happen often. This is only the third time such a thing has ever happened to me. On every one of those three occasions, I have been just about to go on holiday. On the first occasion, come to think of it, I was just about to get married and go on honeymoon. This time, I'm off to London for a few days.

How does the server know when to go down in order to cause me maximum hassle? It's not as if I keep my appointments online or anything. Someone's out to get me. Could it be the cleaners? Or Ikea, perhaps? Or an unholy alliance of Ikea, the cleaners, the government, the Communists, the Tories, packaging designers, my web hosts, and God? (Actually, if God's involved, it's probably not an unholy alliance. A bloody annoying alliance, nonetheless.)

Anyway, I'm sure London will be fun. And probably cold. And full of restaurants. (Ah, restaurants... mmmmm.) Expect little to no blogging until next week, as I can't blog from my phone with my proper email address down. God, it's like living in the bloody Stone Age.

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