Tuesday 8 March 2005

The scum of the Earth, and some nutters.

Point of Law links to this appalling story:

THE DUST has hardly settled in tsunami-ravaged South Asia, but already trial lawyers are circling like vultures, searching intensely for ways to profit from the tragedy.

Recently, attorney Edward Fagan announced he would file a class-action lawsuit in New York against the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Incredibly, Mr. Fagan alleges the Hawaii-based research facility should be held liable for failing to warn the world about an earthquake that happened nearly 7,000 miles away in an ocean the institute does not study.

Words fail me. Here's a nice quote from Gerhard Podovsovnik, one of the lawyers behind the scheme:

"We don't earn any money on the lawsuit. We want to help people," he said. "We are suing to get information."

So selfless. So believable.

Overlawyered asks:

I'm curious: does Fagan sue his local news weather department if he gets wet because of an unanticipated rainstorm?

A reasonable outcome, I think, would be for every one of the plaintiffs to be drowned. Instead of being grateful that they survived what so many others didn't, they see it as a way of enriching themselves. Take out the lawyers and the other ill-fitting trappings of civilisation, and they're just plundering the bodies.

As a general rule, where there are lunatics, bastards are sure to be nearby — and vice versa. While discussing the lawsuit, Overlawyered links to this:

We all know by now, that a Tsunami can cause un-imaginable destruction among innocent people, property and the infrastructure - like in South-East Asia; and it is excusable, if a Tsunami is caused by planet Earth, BUT it is in-excusable, if such a monstrous destruction is planned and caused by most satanic men. Well, also a 'Tsunami Lawsuit' will cause an even greater and un-imaginable destruction financially . . . among the people, who planned and caused this and other 'Tsunamis'. A real heavy and successful Tsunami Lawsuit will do much more than just simply STOP this type of 'TSUNAMIS', such lawsuits will change the present satanic course of mankind.

Which is good to know.

That site, in turn, links to this even nuttier one:

On the day after CHRIST MASS, the Death's Head Jesuit General in the Vatican ordered the Pentagon to temporarily suspend the ecumenical movement and send a Christ MASS present to the Moslems in Indonesia. Traditionally Satan; I mean Santa, is supposed to arrive via AIR....This time he arrived by sea bringing DEATH and Destruction to hundreds of thousands of unbelievers.

The nuke or nukes were planted by the Pentagon Navy in the Sumatran Trench off the coast of Indonesia.

The TIMING of this event is the clue to Rome's involvement.

All the great Inquisitions of history began around CHRIST MASS time. Charlemagne, the unholy Roman Emperor was crowned on CHRIST MASS Day in the year 800. Soon after, terror came from the sea to the British Isles in the form of Viking longships.

All of the Vatican "holy" years or Jubilees began on Christ Mass Day.

The Soviet Union was officially dissolved by Jesuit Gorbechev on Christ Mass Day 1991.

These people exist.

Time for a drink.

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