Thursday 28 July 2005

More news of this tour.

The Squander Pilots tour of Scotland has got bigger in two ways, as if you're interested. Firstly, it's got geographically bigger: we're now playing Dunfermline on the 4th of November, as I'm sure the residents of Dunfermline will be thrilled right through to their socks to hear. Secondly, it's got musically bigger, because our friend John from Kasino has agreed to play bass with us, and Ronnie, who used to play bass with us, has agreed to sing vocals on Given, which is nice. Given is one of our most popular songs, but it is a duet, so we have rarely been able to perform it since Colin the singing bassist left the band somewhat acrimoniously.

By the way, turns out the Edinburgh gig is at Caledonian Backpackers, wherever that is. Strange name for a venue, but I ain't arguing. I'd offer this new-found knowledge as evidence that I'm not quite so disorganised after all, except that I have no idea under what roof the Dunfermline gig's going to be.

Squander-watchers, if there are such things, may be interested to know that John is now Squander Six. No, possibly not all that interested.


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