Thursday 7 July 2005

The view from OZ

All channels here in Australia have been covering the London attacks, mostly by carrying BBC, Sky, ITN and CNN. The picture we are getting is of a London that has been shocked but not panicked by the attacks, the latest casualties are being reported as 50 confirmed dead (and some dweeb on BBC was calling the attacks “calibrated”), and there has been a great deal of praise for the speed and efficiency with which the emergency services have deployed.

For any expat Australians reading they should be advised that DFAT is operating a 1300 number here for family, but have advised family and friends to in the first instance to make direct contact.

My sister has a number of friends in London and could not get anyone on their cell phones, but was able to get e-mail responses to all but one enquiry, others should maybe try the same, as simply re-dialing only makes the load problem worse.

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