Thursday 28 July 2005

New gadget joy.

I've just got me a Nokia 9500 and have to say that any talk of how fantastic it is must necessarily be understatement. It is utterly, utterly superb. People keep telling me it's a bit big for a phone. I respond that it's very small for a laptop. It has a QWERTY keyboard, it has wi-fi, it's surprisingly good with spreadsheets (not that I'm ever going to use that function, but it's kind of good to know in some indefinable and possibly sad way), I can type documents on it, it's got a video camera, it's got 80 meg of memory plus an MMC, its clock function tells me when sunrise and sunset are in my hometown, and its web-browser, despite being on a mere phone, really is a proper web-browser.

I can blog from it and can view the blog on it. This is the future, I tell you.

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