Tuesday 19 July 2005

One of them things.

Rob has "kindly" tagged me with this music questionnaire thingy. Ach, why not?

Total volume of music files on my computer:
Now, there's a question. I haven't really got into the whole MP3 thing as such. I have a handful of MP3s on my Mac, maybe twenty of them, mainly things that can't be obtained in any other format, but, generally, give me a CD any day: they're superior in all sorts of ways. That being said, I am a musician, and I use the Mac to record and produce records, so the hard drive isn't remotely large enough to hold all my music files. To give you a rough idea, one five-minute-long song, when it's made up of sixteen or so stereo AIFF files plus various digital effects and twenty or thirty bounced tracks and a bunch of alternate takes, can take up about 3 gig. So, even though I'm not into MP3s at all, I still have about 40 gig of music files.

Last CD I bought:
It think it was Athlete's new album. It's not particularly good or particularly bad. Vic bought Jem's Finally Woken a couple of weeks ago, and it's fantastic. Since what's mine is hers, I'll claim that one.

Song Playing Right Now:
Nothing on in the physical world, but Jem's Just A Ride's on in my head, which is the way I usually listen to music these days.

Five Songs (or Albums) I listen to a lot or that move me:
There's nothing I listen to a lot any more. Here are some that move me in one way or another.
Together Alone by Crowded House: a great album; the title track is the only song ever that can consistently make my spine tingle.
Distant Dreams by Karen Ramirez. I certainly don't listen to this very much, having bloody lost it, which is very annoying, 'cause it's superb.
What Sound by Lamb: the best album so far by arguably the world's greatest electronics-based band.
Lost Songs: Volume One by No-Man: even by the standards of my favourite band ever, still one hell of a collection of music.
And Come From Heaven by Alpha: a staggeringly good album, different to everything else out there. Alpha produce lush, atmospheric, laid-back, semi-easy-listening-style jazz songs with orchestral arrangements that, frankly, should make the likes of Craig Armstrong and Adrian Utley just give up. Their singers are excellent, especially Helen White, whose voice, I don't mind telling you, does things to me. And, if you're a pretentious muso like me who likes the occasional bit of advanced theory in your listening, Alpha are quite astoundingly clever. Stick this album on and people just stop and listen and relax. We had it playing at our wedding. It's beautiful. Shame about the second album, really.

Tag three others:
Must I? Oh, very well, then.
Gary, as usual, of course.
Ray, who doesn't have a blog but can answer in the comments here.
And Johan.

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