Friday 8 July 2005

Running interference

Harry’s Place thought that it would be better to pass over without comment the contemptible statements made by the SWP and George Galloway. But they do yield something to exegesis. It is not simply that the statements reveal the extent to which the fascist left* runs interference for the Salafist Jihadists**, they are more precisely the demands of the terrorists re-phrased.

The terrorists and the fascist left are simply running a good cop bad cop routine (good cop here is a strictly relative term).

Whilst much of the focus of commentary is focussed on the seeming witlessness of those terrorist appeasers who are now prepared to repeat the Spanish syllogism, the timing of this latest attack shares with the attacks on 9/11, Bali, Madrid a keen appreciation on the part of the Jihadists of the pathologies on the left which can be exploited for common cause. 9/11 was a date that resonated with the Chomskyite left as the anniversary of the coup that overthrew Salvador Allende, and the choice of the WTC and Pentagon as targets would have their own resonance amongst the anti-globalisation left and the roughly congruent Pilger-Caldicott-Chomsky left. The Bali attack (aside from making Michel Houellebecq appear prescient) was likewise nothing so much as the virulent rhetoric of the hard left made violently manifest. The Madrid bombing, aside from the initial, and forgivable confusion with the Communists of ETA, was designed as a more forceful statement of the same position as that held by Zapatero’s socialists, who one might say had their electoral asses saved by the Jihadists, and subsequently kept their end of the deal.

It is in no use saying that terrorist methods should preclude the possibility of negotiation – in Europe it is too late for that, as terrorist methods appear unable to even preclude political alliance. The ritual condemnations by the likes of Galloway et al are literally just throat clearing ahead of the inevitable delivery of the terrorist’s demands, the condemnations are just the good cop apologising for his partner’s boorishness, but he asks the same questions, and his menace is no less for being indirect.

I am almost hoping that the rumours (calling them reports would be to give altogether far too much credence to source that has done little to earn it) that at least one of those sought in connection with the bombings in London was released from Guantanomo Bay. It might just provide a moment of clarity, but then given the depressing force of the delusions peddled to us by MSM, one cannot be sure.

* fascist left - as distinguished from the decent left - of which there are still examples.
** Whilst we can talk of an anti-terrorist Islam, it is much harder to accord such status to the Salafist or Wahabist sect, which begins to more clearly emerge as nothing but the logistical and ideological tail of Islamofascism's most malignant manifestations from Sudan to the Southern Phillipines, from Finsbury Park to Peshawar, from Beslan to Baghdad.

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