Saturday 9 July 2005

Proper hot chocolate.

Ah, they make hot chocolate properly here. None of that watery brown pish that's had a couple of Smarties waved at it that's so inexplicably popular in Britain. No, here, it's made of milk and chocolate, and it comes with whipped cream that hasn't been anywhere near an aerosol, and it comes in a pot, and there are no bloody marshmallows. Fantastic.

In other news, they have Almond Mars Bars here. They taste like Mars Bars with almonds in them.

I have yet to see a marmot, but I did see a tub of authentic marmot-fat skin-cream today. Makes as much sense as anything else in the cosmetics industry, I suppose, but it does seem a little strange, marketing-wise, to put a picture of a very cute marmot on the label. Look! Isn't he cute? We killed him and mushed him up and stuck him in this jar! Buy our stuff! Hmm.

Bavaria is so picturesque that, if they weren't German, you'd suspect it were an elaborate hoax. Men really do wear lederhosen here, and the waitresses wear puffed-sleeved flouncy gingham dresses with lace aprons. Every house is covered in flowers.

Tomorrow, we shall ascend the Nebelhorn. By cable-car, of course. I am aware that some people choose to climb mountains by hand, but am of the opinion that they're all as mad as threepenny apes. Anyway, with luck, I shall see the elusive marmot.

Bye for now.

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