Wednesday 13 October 2004

Georgia on my nerves.

Many people claim that Atlanta is a wonderful, wonderful city. They are all wrong. It is squalid and dull and ugly, and not even ugly enough to be interestingly ugly. Being here, suddenly REM's music makes sense: boring music from a boring city.

Off to New York tomorrow. It'll have its work cut out to come even close to the standard of Chicago, but it will, I am sure, beat Atlanta hands down. But then, so does Kilmarnock.


Anonymous said...

A lot of Atlanta's historical buildings were destroyed during the US Civil War. General Sherman burned it to the ground in his famous "March to the Sea." If you look for many famous Civil War battlefields in Atlanta, you'll find them paved over by hideous concrete apartment blocks. No appreciation for history at all. A pity.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Kilmarnock beats anywhere hands down.

Except maybe Maybole.

Or Patna.