Friday 29 October 2004


Humalia Akrawy is a true hero. I know I couldn't have done what she has when I was twenty-two. Best of luck to her.

It hardly seems worth mentioning any more, but a lot of people who claim to be in favour of human rights, workers' rights, and feminism support the men who put sixty bullets into her sister's body. They were trying to kill Ms Akrawy for the crime of working for the wrong employers.

To those who say there was no link between Saddam and Islamacist terror she says this: "When 9/11 happened, Saddam ordered a 3 day celebration with feasts and parades. Some people did not want to celebrate those attacks. He had those who did not participate brutally executed in public."

That is exactly the point missed by those who think we're fighting a court case, not a war.

Kathy Kinsley writes:

The taste of freedom is the one thing that can subvert any tyranny. Fear keeps a tyranny alive. Freedom will kill it. That is why Iraq has become such a battleground. It’s why we must stay until they no longer need us. If we leave now, the results will be as bad, if not worse, than the results of the mistakes of Bush’s father in listening to his “allies". And I will join the chorus of “It’s all our fault!” Because it will be.

Damn right.

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