Wednesday 13 October 2004

Photographing a city.

Chicago, I noticed, cannot be photographed. Sure, you can point your camera at the place, but there is no way of really capturing its beauty on film. No, I am certainly not the world's greatest photographer (though I'm not bad), but I'm not just talking about my own attempts here. I've seen hundreds of films set in Chicago over the years, and the only one that comes even remotely close to capturing what the place really looks like is The Untouchables — which, if I remember correctly, was filmed largely on sets. So it's not just me: the world's greatest film directors can't capture Chicago on film either. Interesting phenomenon.

American food is fantastic. I am throwing on weight. Anyone who comes to the US and doesn't get fat is clearly insane.

Must dash.

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jeet said...

If you're still in Chicago, click here for a rundown on the local culinary specialties of the Windy City. If not, well, there's always next time.