Wednesday, 6 October 2004

Political correctness gone weird.

Speaking of political correctness, here's a nice little story from Ulster, related to me a few weeks ago by a friend of mine.

As you may but probably don't know, Israeli flags are becoming a commonplace sight amongst the Union Jacks on Northern Ireland's Unionist estates. Many Unionists feel that they want to express solidarity with Israelis: they too are victims of terrorism and they too are widely vilified by most of the world's population. Anyway, the UVF, a Unionist "paramilitary organisation" (terrorists), have been developing quite close ties with the BNP of late. I suppose the BNP are also a Unionist paramilitary organisation, in a way, so you can see why such an alliance might form. But, of course, this raises a problem.

So a BNP speaker was coming over to give a speech in a UVF-controlled area, and his hosts went round and took down all the Israeli flags so as not to offend him.


Young Fogey said...

It isn't the first time things like this have happened. Moreover, the Shinners are known to take down the Palestinian flags in Republican areas whenever their Amerikanski pals come to visit...

Peter Nolan said...

This would be feckin' hilarious, if I didn't have to share the planet with these people.