Wednesday 3 November 2004


I can't find any mention of this on the Web, but it was on the TV news last night. At a bonfire in Londonderry, someone threw on a live dog, with its legs tied up. I drove past Londonderry yesterday. Had I known what was going to happen, I'd've spat out the window. Bastards.


Anonymous said...

Still, you could probably get the UN interested in Londonderry.

Will said...

There's a brief report in The Times about this today;
Dog burnt alive

Police have begun an investigation into the death of a dog that was tied up and burnt on a Hallowe’en bonfire. Villagers tried in vain to rescue Darkie, a family pet, at the community event for children in Glebe, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, but were beaten back by the flames.,,172-1341877_3,00.html

at 'an event for children' as well. unbelievable...