Monday, 22 November 2004

Unconventional weapons.

Dear Victims,

Here's a bag of grain. Maybe you could throw it at the gunmen when they come for you.

Love and kisses,

Bob & Midge


Dom said...

Couldn't have put it better myself, even if I did try!

Dom said...

Whoops! I just realised how pompous that previous comment might sound - almost like I was implying you'd pinched the idea off me!
It wasn't meant to, I was inarticulate through cheap lager!

Squander Two said...

You're being unnecessarily nervous, Dom: I didn't detect any pomposity. In fact, I was even persuaded to follow your hyperlink and read your post, which I found, you will be pleased to hear, to be worthy of my recommendation. That's pomposity.

Dom said...

Well that's a relief. Red Stripe, excessive leisure time and a broadband connection are a potentially explosive combination. And if you Factor a credit card into the equation then it can get totally out of control!
Like the time I bought the 12" singles of I'd Rather Jack (Than Fleetwood Mac) by the Reynolds Girls (£10) and John Wayne Is Big Leggy by Hayzi Fantayzi (£8) from some online record shop and had no I'd done so until the things arrived in the post.