Thursday 4 November 2004

Ain't you glad they're dumb?

According to Candice DeLong, "Ain't you glad they're dumb?" is the informal motto of the FBI. Here's an idiot:

A California man is facing rape and kidnapping charges after his alleged victim recently spotted him appearing as a contestant on the NBC reality show "Blind Date." According to cops, Ulrick White, 31, was nabbed Sunday in connection with the September 2003 attack of a 35-year-old Ventura County woman. While cops had been searching for White for a year, it was not until last month when they got a major break in the case. The victim told investigators she was watching TV when she heard a female "Blind Date" contestant refer to White by his nickname, Aswah. After identifying White--and his distinctive Jamaican accent--the woman recorded the remaining portion of the program and provided the videotape to detectives.

Ah, the master criminal's classic mistake. When the police have been after you for a year, don't appear on national television.

Which reminds me: if you've managed to get away with murder, don't discuss it down the pub.

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