Wednesday 10 November 2004

Bible-bashing bigots.

As Europeans and the American Left continue to tell each other and everyone else that Bush won the election thanks to the huge voting bloc of fundamentalist Christian, bigotted, gay-hating, racist, Luddite, Creationist idiots, it seems only fair to see what these bloody idiots have to say for themselves. As luck would have it, a couple of million of them have posted their reasons for voting here, so we can witness first-hand the "reasoning" of these strange, unthinking creatures. Marvellous. Of course, this sample isn't definitive — it doesn't include, for instance, the majority of Bush voters who are either too stupid to operate a computer or who believe that computers are evil, and neither does it include any of his large illiterate constituency, unless they were dictating — but it'll just have to do.

Read this, too. Fascinating. The stupid little goblin can barely string his words together. He probably goes to Bible class every evening to burn science books and heavy metal records.

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