Sunday 14 November 2004

We are surrounded by danger.

In these times of war, terrorism, and Eighties-retro fashion, here's RavenBlog on the threat we all face:

On my way back through town today ... I suddenly realised that insects are scary. Not individual insects, which are mostly pathetic nonentities, but the insect mob. If they all got together on their insect radios and decided to stage an assault all at once we as a race would have no chance.

In the garden and paths of the house I live in, I'm pretty sure there are enough ants to completely cover both residents and the guest, and that's even without the mites and aphids and such joining in. One assumes that most similar-sized gardens are similarly infested with creatures, and thus that every suburb-dweller is doomed by just the contents of their own back yard. I'm assuming here that ants are poisonous enough that being completely covered in them all biting at once would be fatal, which I suppose might not be the case. But they could always just bite again. We have one can of insect spray, which is enough to get rid of maybe ten columns of ants, which is nothing in the big picture.

We could all hide in bank vaults, I suppose.

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andy said...

"They will rise up and they'll make us.....human slaves in an insect nation! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!"

Bill Bailey was 'ere.