Tuesday 16 November 2004

Giving the dead their due respect.

Further to my post about Arafat's death, here's John Ihle putting it a little less politely:

Over the next few days, as world leaders cravenly lick shit right out of Arafat's putrid anus, please remember that he pioneered airline hijacking and school massacres and that he sent his goons around the world to kill Jews wherever they were, whether athletes in Munich or crippled pensioners on holiday in the Mediterranean. And rejoice that the world's biggest mass murderer of Jews since Hitler did not live to see his most fervent wish fulfilled: the people of Israel live.



Anonymous said...

On the topic of the Munich massacre can I recommend "Vengeance" by George Jonas. If one got one's news only from the MSM today it would appear that the targetting of top Palestinian terrorists is a recent and (to the MSM) deplorable strategy. It's forgotten that this approach was used with great success after Munich. Pure, cold revenge. Delicious.

[Unfortunately the book is no longer in print. You know, I'm beginning to think this worldwide Jewish conspiracy thing really could do with pulling its socks up.]

Squander Two said...

Yeah. If they weren't so bloody ineffective, I'd join.