Sunday 15 August 2004

Brian bloody Eno.

Don't get me wrong: I like Brian Eno, I really do. But I'm doing a bit of freelance research for a publisher just now and had to provide a complete list of every album he's ever produced. Do you have any idea how hard that is? It's like Eno goes out of his way to make the job tricky for any poor researchers who may come along, deliberately choosing to produce albums for the most obscure acts ever. I mean, Zvuki Mu? Who the fuck are Zvuki Mu? And Edikanfo? And Sikter? Why couldn't he just stick to James and U2, eh?


Anonymous said...

Hey there!! Havent been in touch for a while! Glad to see your blog. I have shut down the Brazos Cantina and taken up posting on LiveJournal. Less frenetic there, and less likely to have comment spammers, which had become my bane of existence on Moveable Type.

I post at LJ under 'ladyaubrey'

Sharon Ferguson
formerly of Brazos de Dios Cantina

Squander Two said...


Yes, I had noticed the disappearance of your site. That's a shame.

Any comment spammers come round here, and I'll cut their necks. Well, no, but I'll shut down the comments. Ruthlessly. Grr.

Nice to "see" you again, anyway.