Friday 20 August 2004

No hypocrisy involved.

OK, I can see why some people might think that this is hypocritical in the extreme. Build a fence to keep out murderers who are determined to kill your citizens, and the EU castigate you for human rights abuses, war crimes, fascism, and having hooked noses. Yet not only is it perfectly OK to build a far larger security fence to keep out people who are, er, looking for work, but it's actually a pretty good idea to hire some of the fascist war criminals to do the work for you — after all, they're experts at it now, the bastards, and, let's face it, they'll probably put in a lower bid than everyone else.

However, I put it to you that absolutely no hypocrisy is involved in this decision. The two situations are totally different. You see, Europeans have never had a problem with Jews who work for Europeans. They're intelligent, hard-working, and know their place. Even the National Socialists were more than happy to employ Jews, though the two groups didn't see eye-to-eye over their conditions of employment, particularly in relation to health and safety. No, the problem Europeans have with Jews is that sometimes they get all uppity and try things like self-sufficiency and self-defense, which are clearly not on. So there is really nothing hypocritical in the EU's stance: the issue isn't under what conditions it is reasonable to build a fence; the issue is simply one of what the hell those damned Jews think they're doing. As long as what they think they're doing is working for Europeans, that's fine, and working for Arabs is probably OK too, but they'd better not try and work for (in ascending order of badness) other Jews, Americans, themselves, or Israel. And self-defense is just verboten.

Glad we cleared that up.

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